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Solar Films for Yachts

Our team consists of qualified personnel who specialize in the installation of solar films on the windows of your boat. Solar films are precisely applied to any surface you choose and are made of high quality glass.

Solar films act as blockers of harmful UV rays, offering reliable protection to your boat. This is important to maintain the appearance and quality of the boat’s surfaces, as UV rays can cause discolouration, decay and damage to its materials.

In addition, solar films offer great comfort and protection inside the yacht. They reject the thermal load and reduce heat transmission, keeping the interior cool during hot days. This means you can enjoy navigation without the stress of overheating and unwanted solar radiation.

Sun Films are also known for their ability to provide privacy. They prevent the influx of prying eyes from the outside environment, creating a feeling of security and privacy for you and your passengers.

The experience and know-how of our team, combined with the use of high-quality materials such as 3M tinted films, guarantee excellent results for highlighting and protecting your boat.


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